Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody.

Today is part 20 of a 30 day commitment. To read about how I am blogging to change my life please read here first.

Ok, I'll admit it. Tonight I'm drawing a blank. I have a couple topics that I would like to explore, but just are not coming together clearly. Some of the clearest ideas for the book have been brought about by your comments. I am realizing that it is hard to solicit feedback in this type of format, but if I was face to face with you all we would be having great conversation.

I'm going to cop out tonight and put it back on your shoulders. I would love to know a couple things about you.

1. Who are you?
2. How long have you been reading?
3. Where did you hear about this experiment?
4. What are your thoughts about my posts? Do you see any recurring theme for a book? Do you have any thoughts about how it might help me help others see and achieve their dreams?
5. What are you going through in your life that is relevant to my posts.

Many of you have told me your reading, and I am psyched that the amount of people are increasing. At the very least, can everybody who is reading send me a quick note just to let me know that they are? It would inspire me to be better and work harder. One thing that helped me be successful at National Powersports was not being afraid to ask for help. Tonight I'm asking for yours.



Lee said...

1. Running the Dream.
2. Running Up Hill
3. Run for me, Run for you.
All titles for your book. LOL!

1. Leave behind the spoiled brat part. Childhood envy never does well in a book and you dont'need it to show your character. You have enough of good common sense to see your passion. Who cares about simple minds, your mind as an developer is what they want to learn about.

2. Your passion for life and your family.. and balancing that.. I want to know more about that.. so do a lot of people.

3. Love how you quote so much about what you have learned by searching for personnel growth. Growth and wealth go hand and hand.

4. Good luck to you. Your family deserves it.

Tony said...

Nathan....every project, goal, etc has a "Heartbreak Hill" and you know you're there when you run out of steam, or "draw a blank". So its good to hit this point, it shows you are on target. At this point the quitters quit and the marathoners move onward. There is no question which way you're going to go.
To answer a few of your questions, I've read all 20, although not necesarily in order and not every day. I've commented on a handful, 3 or 4 tonite. I heard about it on facebook. I like figuring out what makes people tick. I'm interested in seeing how this book project turns out. I need to think about the last 2 questions a bit and I'll get back to you on those, marathoner.

Kelly Walter said...

1. Your cousin Kelly.
2. Since your first blog last year.
3. I think you facebooked family to let us know about your blog.
4. Your posts are an inspiring blend of raw authenticity and powerful motivation. The recurring theme I see is perseverance in the face of any life challenge. Your communicating how you honed and developed your perseverance would help anyone better accomplish their dreams.
5. Your posts are relevant to all aspects of life. Inspiring people to rise to any challenge and overcome with dignity and humanity is one heck of a skill!