Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Balance MT110 Long Term Update

400 Miles and counting.
Since the New Balance MT110 has just started being released I thought it might be relevant to write up a quick update on how mine are holding up.  You can read my original review HERE.  I have used many pairs of shoes this year, but I still managed to put on over 400 miles on this pair that was given to me by New Balance in August.

Before I get to far into this post, let me say again how much I love these shoes.  Until this shoe I have never run 100 miles without significant blisters.  The NB ML1 last which these shoes (and the entire Minimus line) are built upon fit me like a glove.  I wore these shoes for the first 70 miles of the Leadville 100 in August and then the first 50 miles of the Bartram 100 in December (which was my first 100 mile win).  If they had a little more cushioning I would have worn them the entire way.  I'm going to resist gushing about these shoes, rather just show pictures of how they are holding up.  What I will say is that my enthusiasm for this shoe has not waned from my original review.  

And now for the best part.  They are holding up incredibly well.  For a shoe that is almost as light as a racing flat and less than $100 they are an incredible value.  I think that a lot of us have found that lightweight usually equals less durable.  This has not been the case with the MT110's.  I have used them on every type of terrain imaginable.  From the rocky Leadville Trails to New England mud, they have handled everything I've thrown at them.

Side view.  No tears, rips or holes in either shoe.

View of Sole. 
Rubber on bottom shows much less wear than I would expect from a trail shoe with 400 miles on it.
Exposed EVA (blue) shows wear, but doesn't effect performance. 
Heel wear.  Similar to forefoot.
Inside of shoe is in remarkable shape.  For such a lightweight shoe it is amazing that the inside has no rips or tears.
Another inside view
The only area showing any wear.  This is a tiny spot that showed up a while ago and has not got worse.
Honestly, I'm amazed at this shoe.  MSRP is $84.99 as seen on the NB Website. I have paid close to that for an off road racing flat that after 100 miles was destroyed.  I think this shoe presents one of the best values of a lightweight trail shoe available on the market.  For any of you on the fence about this shoe because of concerns of reliability, I hope this helps. 


JZiel said...

Thanks, this was helpful. Just had the running store order me a pair saturday and the only thing left to wonder about was longevity... seems they win there too!

amg said...

Great review - they certainly look to be a durable shoe given what you've put them through.

TonyV said...

I'm wondering if shoes like this would be acceptable for road running. I tend not to like most road shoes that are "proper" for my running. My first pair of running shoes were awesome. It was later that I determined that they weren't actually "proper" for me. But, they were light and fit like a glove and I didn't have knee problems, etc with the. They're just plain wore out now.

Nathan Sanel said...

I don't see any reason why you can't run the roads in these. I would say that if you run primarily on pavement, NB might have some better choices for you. You should look at the MR00 (out very soon) or even the 730. They are both built on the Minimus Last so they fit similar to the MT110. The 730 has more cushioning than the MR00. Good luck!!

Steve Pero said...

Ordered my pair today, Nate! Thanks to your reviews...
Going back to the Bear, are you?