Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have no idea why we have this tradition of "New Years Resolutions". Why in Gods name would only contemplate what we want to achieve in our lives once a year? Every morning when we wake up we can decide to do the same thing. That being said, I am going to use this end of year time to finally write a new blog post. I can't believe that the last time I wrote was in August!

I might as well get it out of the way right now for any of you who read my blog regularly. I have not moved forward at all with the book. After the 30th blog post I took some time off and contemplated the entire experiment. I feel it was a success and I am proud of what I wrote. But, I discovered that what I want to write was not what most people were interested in. It seemed to me that when I wrote about my personal experiences with my father and my love of Amy and how those two combined to create my positive outlook on life people responded and were moved. When I tried to convey my thoughts about how I feel about certain aspects of life they didn't. I even say at the beginning of the blog that I don't want to write an autobiography. I don't think my life is any more exceptional than anybody Else's. Every one of us could write an autobiography that would be interesting. I still want to write a book that can help people realize that they can accomplish anything, but I want to figure out how I did it and then systemize it for others. For me, its not enough to just motivate.

In talks with my Mother about what I want to accomplish with the book she told me that I sounded an awful lot like Tony Robbins. I had never read anything of his and only knew who he was from seeing him on TV and his books at the store. I had never even opened one of his books to see what he was about. About two weeks ago I started to read "Awaken the Giant Within" and I am completely sucked into it. He has a LOT of the same outlooks on life as me. He even references how people sometimes have to go through tragic experiences to figure out what they want out of life. I wrote a blog post on almost the exact same thing 4 months ago. I had no idea! The cool thing about this book is that he has built a system and actions to help you become aware of and change how you think. I am only about 25% into it, but I can't help feel that this is the book that I wanted to write. It takes a little bit of wind out of my sails, but at least I have found something powerful to consider for my life. I bought another copy of the book for Amy and she is reading it too. Our intention is to have one night a week where we get together and discuss a chapter. Like a book club. This way we can both help and support each other. Were dedicating time to work ON our life not IN our life.

Amy and I were also talking a couple days ago about how the law of attraction is a hard thing to get your head around. It made me think about now many positive things are going on in my life and how being positive seems to bring more positive results. I realized that I have a huge amount of Momentum going. Another way of looking at this is that things are "snowballing" in a good way. This mental image really struck me. Think of how a snowball starts. One little chuck of snow is forced into more snow and that snow is attracted to the original. The bigger it gets the more force it has. It gets heavier and stickier. It is exactly like gravity. The bigger the mass the more gravity it has. This is very easy to see for a material thing, but I think it works exactly the same way for thoughts and actions. But here is the key. You have positive snowballs and negative snowballs. In both cases the bigger they are the harder they are to convert into the other type. The quicker you decide which type yours is the quicker you'll be able to either tear it down and destroy it (negative) or build it into a huge monster (positive). If you have a giant negative snowball you are going to have to really work on stopping it from rolling into anything bigger and then tearing it down. That also means that you are going to have to find a chunk to start rolling into your new positive snowball.

The only way to do this is to really start paying attention to your thoughts. It also means that you may have to start paying attention to who you are hanging out with too. Positive attracts positive. Negative attracts negative. You don't have to believe in the law of attraction to see that.

I can't wait for 2010. Actually, to be more accurate, I can't wait for tomorrow. Every day I wake up I am filled with excitement about what the day might bring. This year I'm going to tackle some big challenges. I want to open another store. I'm making some really neat changes within the company that will bring more value to our customers and set us apart from every other motorcycle shop. I am going to run the Leadville Colorado 100 mile foot race in addition to the Vermont 100. I'm going to run across the Grand Canyon. I'm going to spend more time with the kids and the family. I'm going to hire more people. I'm going to keep this snowball rolling.

And I am going to find inspiration in the people around me as well as do everything I can to inspire them back. Bye Bye 2009. Thanks for treating me so well.