Sunday, February 28, 2010

February recap

Well February 2010 is now in the books and I've had a great month. The business had the best Feb. we have ever had. We had a lofty goal and we hit it on the head. I've hired a couple new people and they are great additions to the team. That's how you grow sales, you add great people. I'm still amazed at how many business owners don't make the connection. I've heard from so many business owners that the thing they hate the most is managing their employees. It's really too bad that they don't understand that they can't do it all themselves and they better put more attention into hiring the right people. They are out there, you just have to make it a priority to find them.

I've been asked many times why National Powersports is so successful. Its really simple. Have a strong set of standards, build a system that backs up those standards and then hire the people who feel the same way.

One change that has contributed to the increase in sales is our new "National Powersports Premium" program. All of our bikes that are less than 8 years old and less than 25k miles now come completely serviced, detailed and with a 90-day nation wide warranty. Nobody else in the business is doing that with used bikes. Our customers are really responding positively to the change. I am feeling very positive about this year at the shop. For anybody reading this who has purchased a bike from us, thank you!

As far as my running goes, again, I had a great month. I ran 228 miles. That is a pretty low mileage month, but for February it is a good number. The bigger picture is that I ran over 20 miles three times in the last three weeks. Two of the runs were tough 24 mile hilly snowy trail runs and the other was a 22 mile road run. I feel great and have no injuries.

I think deciding to run the Leadville 100 was a good decision. We'll see in August. For now, it is really helping me train because its what I think about almost every step of my training. One of the most exciting parts about Leadville is that I have the most kick ass crew lined up. My wife Amy will be there with my brother Barry. They were my crew for last years VT100 and they know exactly how to take care of me. Also coming is my other brother Matt. My Mom is also coming to help with the kids. It is almost embarrassing for me to have my entire family take a week out of their life all for me. I don't know how I will show my gratitude, but I sure am grateful to have all of them in my life.