Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer of Potential - and pain??

Announcing the

Who - Nathan Sanel.  Ultra-Marathon runner, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker.

What - One run or race of 100 miles or greater per month for five months in a row. 

When  and Where - The runs include:
1. June 25-26    Western States 100
2. July 16-17     Vermont 100
3. Aug20-21      Leadville 100
4. Sept23-24     Bear 100
5. Oct 15-16     Run Across New Hampshire (124 miles)

Why - To illustrate that people have much greater potential than they realize and motivate others to go after Big Hairy Audacious Goals (B.H.A.G.'s) within their lifetime. 

Bow NH - January 2011 After receiving a coveted spot in the Western States 100 Ultra marathon Nathan Sanel decided to use the event as a catalyst for an even greater challenge. The "Grand Slam" of Ultra marathons includes attempting to complete 4 difficult 100 mile running races in the United States in 4 months. Denied entry to the Wasatch 100, Nathan couldn't allow that to stop his dream of tackling such a daunting endeavor. The Bear 100, an equally challenging race in Utah would provide an excellent substitute. To add an even tougher twist, he has decided to run the 124 miles across NH at its widest point. A feat that he has tried twice and failed to complete.

Typically most Ultra runners train for months to compete in one or two 100 mile races per year. Recovery time for a marathon (26.2 miles) is commonly
acknowledged as being one day per mile ran. That would mean a typical recovery of about three months.

"Most people have big dreams. Many don't realize their full potential in pursuing them. With dedication, a burning desire and a plan they can achieve those goals. I am an ordinary person taking on a big challenge that I'm not sure I can complete. I'm blogging about the process to show how I'm going after my dream. My hope is that it may inspire others to do the same."

You can follow Nathan's training and race progress at

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