Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lighten up Francis

This week I took a week off from my training, diet and work (as much as I could) to take a vacation with the Sanel family. Me, Amy, Max, and Isabel left Sunday morning to stay at the Disney Saratoga Springs resort in Orlando Florida. 

Saratoga Springs Disney

Looking at my training schedule for the week I had a pretty good idea that I was not going to be able to get in the almost 90 miles coach Jack had planned for me. The only way I was going to be able to do it was to get up at 5am each morning and go while the family was sleeping. For once I gave myself a rare break and took a "take it as it goes" approach. I figured that it wouldn't hurt since I have been putting in consistent 80 plus mile weeks for the past 5 weeks and even ran 31 miles on Saturday before we left. A cutback week might actually be nice!  Over the course of the week I did things like have big lunches (more like having a dinner before dinner) and I drank way more than I usually do.  Its liberating letting go and having a good time.  I did still manage to get in 60 miles this week, so it's not like I didn't run at all.  I also finished up the month of March at 355.2 miles which is my biggest March ever.

Amy I planned from the start to let loose and have a good time on this vacation. Then when the week was over we would really get back on the ball with training and diet. I am going back to my strict low GI diet starting now. I've got 3 months to get in tip top shape before I toe the line for my first 100 miler of the year, the Western States 100.

The running in Disney is lame and boring.  Most mornings consisted of running between our resort and Old Key West, multiple times.  One very cool thing did happen though.  I was running on the golf cart path between the two resorts when I noticed what at first appeared to be a cat in the woods.  Then I realized that it's head was way to big to be a domestic cat.  As I got closer I could see that it was a bobcat!  I've never seen one in the wild and it was only about 50ft away. 
Here is this weeks training recap:
Monday 3/28
7.5 Miles (1 hour)

Easy run on the treadmill at the gym
Tuesday 3/29
7 Miles (56:30)

Another easy treadmill run.  Feeling tired from Saturdays 31 miler still.

Wednesday 3/30
9 Miles (1:15:02)

Hot and Humid.  Body still feeling tired and heat is not helping.

Thursday 3/31
7 Miles (54:54)

Tornado warnings outside with lots of lightning and pouring rain. Treadmill was best option.
Strength Training (45 minutes)
Wish I had this type of equipment at home.  Much better workout than normal and I can feel it.

Friday 4/1
10.25 Miles (1:23:13)

Much nicer morning. Great running weather. Saw a bobcat on my run.

Saturday 4/2
10 Miles (1:21:05)

I really hate running boring paths over and over. Disney is not a great place to run if you want to do any type of mileage. It was nice running in just shorts though. Right calf cramped 8 miles in. Weird. Ate a gel and it went away.

Sunday 4/3
10 Miles (1:27:28)

It is so good to be home and running the muddy, wet, snowy trails again. That feels like running to me, not running sidewalks in Florida.  A little concerned.  That calf cramp from yesterday returned.  Its not a cramp, but a pull.  Started to hurt about 5 miles in.  Going to do the usual rehab (ice, ibuprofen, massage).

Weekly totals
60.7 Miles
45 Minutes Strength training.

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