Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekly Training Recap - 4/18 - 4/24

A little bit later tonight I will be posting about my 5 100 mile runs in 5 months.  Since I've been working on that most of the night, I'm only going to post a short recap of my weekly training.

This week was the first time this year that I did back to back runs of 20 milers or more. Saturday I ran 20 miles and today I ran 22 miles. Saturdays run was interesting because it was cold, raining and snowing!  Sometimes it's pretty hard to get out the door at 5:30 in the morning in that weather when you know you are going to be out there for three hours.

My body is still holding up and I'm feeling pretty good. I got my new Altra Shoes on Wednesday and I've run every day in them since then. If you want to read about them, check out my product review here

Monday 4/18
6 Miles (51:13) Easy - roads
Shoes - Hoka One Ones
I'm looking forward to this soreness in my legs going away!

Tuesday 4/19
8 Miles (1:01:05) Easy - roads
Shoes - Hoka One Ones
Quads still hurt on the downhills, but I'm starting to feel better.

Wednesday 4/20
14 Miles (1:59:52) Hill Workout - Powerlines trails
Shoes - Altra Instincts
Great run!!! First run in the new Altras and I am in love. Did 3 .5 mile hill repeats (.5m up, immediate turn around then .5 back down) and my legs are finally starting to come back to life. The wettest, muddiest, rockiest run of the year so far.

Thursday 4/21
8 Miles (forgot to record time) Easy - roads/trails
Shoes - Altra Instincts
3 Miles of roads total, 5 miles of trails. Went on a more hilly route, will be doing so as much as possible from now on.

Friday 4/22
6 Miles (49:15) Hill Workout - Snowmobile Trails
Shoes - Altra Instincts
About 2 miles of warmup then 4 hill sprints. 60 seconds up, immediate sprint back down with about a minute rest in between. The rest of the run was done at a nice easy pace.

Saturday 4/23
20 Miles (2:58:33) Long run - Snowmobile Trails
Shoes - Altra Instincts
Great run this morning. It felt pretty easy to do 20 miles.  Trails are getting better, but still pretty sloppy. 

Sunday 4/24
22.15 Miles (3:24:55) Long run - Snowmobile Trails
Shoes - Altra Instincts
I ran the first 12 miles alone then met up with Ron for the last 10. Great run, still feel very good and strong.

Weekly total
84.2 Miles

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