Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fear is a life killer

Recently I picked back up a book that means a lot to me.  "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill was written over 70 years ago and has inspired countless scores of people.  As I was flipping through it I ended up at chapter 15.  It is titled "How to Outwit the 6 Ghosts of Fear".  It really is amazing how powerful the written word is.  I instantly received an attitude adjustment.  I realized that some of the things that I have been procrastinating on are due to fear.  I just didn't realize that it was fear that was holding me back.  It reminded me how Fear ruins lives.  I am as guilty as anybody of having that terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach of being afraid.  Reading this brought me back to focusing on what I want and believing that I can accomplish it.  Fear will not get the best of me.  Fear is my enemy.  Here is a link to the chapter. Hopefully it will inspire you as much as it did me.  If you have not read the book yet I highly recommend it. 

Here is this weeks training recap:
Monday 4/4
7 Miles (1:01:15)

Went super easy, making sure that I don't hurt my calf anymore. Wore my clown shoes (Hoka's) and everything went ok.
Tuesday 4/5
8 Miles (1:05:16)

Another easy run in my clown shoes.

Wednesday 4/6
14 Miles (2:04:48)

Awesome run.  Trails were soupy, muddy, wet and had patches of glare ice.  Calf didn't hurt.

Thursday 4/7
8.5 Miles (1:09:54)

Awesome run again.  Felt super good.  Pretty good pace for hilly, sloppy off road run.

Friday 4/8
8 Miles (58:26)

Felt good this morning so I picked up the pace.  Ran my road route in my Hokas.  The first 4 miles were at a tad under 8min pace, the last 4 were at 6:30 pace. 

Saturday 4/9
Morning - 9 Miles (1:11:15)

Ran to work.

Afternoon - 9.25 Miles (1:11:32)
Ran home from work. Beautiful day.

Sunday 4/3
22 Miles (3:05:18)

4 miles of pavement to get to the trail, so I ran 8 miles of pavement total out of the 22 since it is an out and back.  Tried the new Saucony Peregrines.  Great shoe, but toebox is to narrow.  The majority of the run was muddy, sloppy, wet snowmobile trails.  Pushed myself a bit on the second half of the run. Feeling the mileage of the week for sure.

Weekly totals
85.7 Miles (11:47:44)
No strength training.

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