Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Summary - January 31 - February 6

Monday AM - 7 Miles (1 hour).
Ran on the treadmill at 8:35 pace.  Still working on easy running to keep ankle safe.  Feels super easy, like I'm not even working out.  Was supposed to do Strength Workout, but in a rush to get to work.

Tuesday AM - 6 Miles (51:33 min).
Treadmill.  Easy and boring.  Watching "Weeds" on Netflix.  Love that show.

Wednesday - 15 Miles (2 hours 8 min)
Ran at St.Pauls School with my friend Ron who is training for Boston.  The track is a .10 mile track.  We did 150 laps. Ron feels it is easier than the treadmill.  Ron's going through a tough time in his life.  I enjoyed our conversation and being there for him.  I have so many friends that have helped me when I was in a tough place its nice to be the one who can listen.  Ran in my Five Fingers for the entire 15 miles.  Felt great.  Nice track surface.  Felt very easy and relaxed.

Thursday - 7 Miles (1 Hour)
Treadmill. My notes say "Feels great running so easy on the treadmill"

Friday - 12 Miles (1:43)
Treadmill.  More watching "Weeds" on Netflix.

Saturday - 7 Miles (1 Hour)
Treadmill - Warm up for workout
45 minutes Strength Training on Bowflex machine.  Also did push ups and sit ups.

Sunday - 20.06 Miles (3:12:05 - 9:34 pace)
Snowmobile Trails.   Did not want to run this morning.  Overdressed and was sweating a bunch.  Ended up being a great run, but tiring as the snowmobile trails were pretty soft and sucked the life out of me.  Brought my flip cam and took some videos.

74.1 Miles
10.54 Hours running

It was a great week for me.  My training went well and we are super busy at the shop.  One very interesting thing happened to me.  On Tuesday I attended a seminar on becoming a public speaker and ended up getting invited to give a motivational speech later this month.  I will give more details here on my blog as I get them. I am really looking forward to it!

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