Sunday, February 20, 2011


What an awesome week this was.  I'll get to my running update in a little bit, but first I want to talk about some other things going on.  First, the shop.  We are kicking ass.  I mean really, seriously kicking ass.  I have such an incredible crew of people who bust their ass and care about the shop as if it were their own.  That's why we are doing so well.  I am so thankful for all of them.  I believe that the economy is turning around and people are sick of not spending money.  And whats better to spend money on than a motorcycle!

Second, I met with a customer of mine this week that owns a company that does motivational speaking.  I recently attended a seminar that she put on and after she invited me to speak at an event that she is putting on March 4th.  I am the only non-professional speaker at the event.  I am psyched to be speaking because that is one of the reasons that I have decided to tackle this challenge of running 5 100 mile races in 5 months.  I want to share with people how I have gone about doing things like building the business and running 100 miles.  I realized a while ago that I used the same system to achieve these big goals and I've also realized that I might be able to help others do the same.  I am going to speak about how one person showing faith in my abilities completely changed my outlook on life.   You can read about what happened here.  I will give the details of the event and the time I'm going to be speaking as soon as I get it.

OK, so on with my weekly recap.

Monday AM - 6.5 Miles (56:38).
Ran on the snowmobile trails.  My notes say that I was a bit stiff at the beginning, but loosened up quickly.

Tuesday AM - 7 Miles (1 hour).
Treadmill. Easy. Also did 30 min of strength training.

Wednesday - 15.2 Miles (2:12:13)
Beautiful day. The snowmobile trails were as hard as pavement and super icy. Had to be very careful on the downhills.

Thursday - 7.5 Miles (1:04)
Ran the snowmobile trails. Did 3 Hill Sprints, both up and down on a .10 mile very steep icy hill. 

Friday - 12 Miles (1:42)
Treadmill easy running at 8:30 pace. More watching "Weeds" on Netflix.

Saturday - 7 Miles (1 hour)
Easy treadmill run.

Sunday - 20.1Miles (2:59:19)
What an awesome run. Although the wind was pretty gusty as time it was nice out. Wore my yacktrax and felt very efficient in my stride. I'm not tired and nothing hurts.

75.2 Miles
10:54 Hours running
30 min strength training

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