Monday, May 23, 2011

I admit it, I'm tired.

I guess I have to admit it.  I'm tired.  I didn't have the energy to write last night!  What a busy week last week was.  I followed up my 100 mile week with a 92 mile week.  I really felt the training last week.  I was very tired.  I didn't miss any runs, but I was not able to find the time to do my strength training workout.  My running streak is still alive.  I'm at 147 days in a row now and have put on a total of 1642.4 miles in those days.  That means that I have averaged a little over 11 miles per day for the last 4 months.  No wonder I'm tired.

Max, before the race

Some really cool things happened last week.  On Thursday, after doing a 10 mile run, I attended the Rock N' Race 5k in Concord.  I didn't race it, but ran it with my son Max.  This is the second year I have done it with him and I was so proud of him.  Max is more of a gamer and computer fanatic than a sports person, but every year he trains and gets ready with his classmates for this event.  And this year we had a great time spending the night together, running together and celebrating his beating last years time by 2 minutes.  These are the moments that I will never forget.

Max, sprinting across the finish line.

I also attended my friend "Sherpa" John Lacroix's graduation/moving party to say goodbye as he and his wife Sarah packed up and moved to Denver.  It was a great night.  I rode a Street Glide from the shop and it was my first ride this year.  I forgot how much I love riding motorcycles.  It was awesome.  While I was there I was talking to some mutual friends ours.  Josh, Leah and Loni are friends that Sherpa introduced me to years ago.  They have been instrumental in John completing the Run Across New Hampshire.  While we were chatting I mentioned to Loni that I had decided to give it another shot.  She told me that they had been reading my blog and they were already planning on helping.  I really didn't know what to say.  I am so psyched that they want to do that for me.  It feels strange asking people to give up a perfectly good weekend to stay awake all night, drive 6 miles ahead, wait for a cranky jerk to show up, make him eat, give him encouragement, send him on his way, then drive another 6 miles and do it all over again.  These guys are better people than me.  I couldn't do it, its really hard!  It is overwhelming to me that I have people in my life that are this supportive.  I have no idea how to show my appreciation.

I was also perplexed at how I gained weight last week.  Well, I guess perplexed is the wrong word.  Since I was running so much I really ate everything in sight.  I also drank too much.  It seems when I work my body hard I end up craving sweets, (which I did a decent, but not perfect, job of avoiding) and alcohol.  I struggle a bit with eating right and watching my drinking.  One of these days I'll dive more into that topic, but it is a very emotional one and I'm not ready to write about it yet.  Maybe I'll save it for the book.

This will be another 100 mile training week if everything goes well.  I'm headed out to California for the weekend to do the Western States Training Camp.  I will be covering 70 miles of the course in three days.  I should be even more tired after that! 

Last weeks training recap:

Monday 5/16
8 Miles (1:08:48) Easy roads
Shoes - Modified Nike Free's
Easy slow recovery run. Worked on my form with my modified Nike frees. As close to running barefoot as I can get.

Tuesday 5/17
15.2 Miles (2:02:14) Hill Intervals
Shoes - Hoka Bondi B
2.6 miles of warmup, then 3 sets of 1 mile hill intervals. Each up was very close to 9min up and the downs were in the low 6's. I didn't have my Garmin as my battery died. I thought I was running very easy pace, surprised to see that it came out to 8:03 pace for the entire run.

Wednesday 5/18
10 Miles (1:35:00) Easy snowmobile trails
Shoes - Altra Instincts
Ran with Sherpa.  Had a fun soupy muddy run.

Thursday 5/19
12 Miles (1:40:38) Powerlines Hill Intervals
Shoes - Saucony Peregrine
Did 3 miles of warmup on the powerlines then 5 1/2mile up and downs with a minute rest between. My legs are tired, but I still felt light on them. Kind of hard to explain.

5k (33:15)
Shoes - Vibram Bakila Five Fingers
Rock N' Race with Max

Friday 5/20
8 Miles (1:06:03) Easy roads
Shoes - Hoka Bondi B
Easy run in the clown shoes. Legs are tight, but I'm still ok once I warm up for a few miles.

Saturday 5/21
12 Miles (1:53:09) Powerlines
Shoes - Saucony Peregrine
Hamstrings are really tight and I'm tired.

Sunday 5/22
24 Miles (3:19:42) Very Hilly roads with Tempo run in middle
Shoes - Hoka Bondi B
Very hilly road route. 7.5 miles in 1:09 then 5 miles at tempo pace (didn't record the time but I would estimate the overal pace below 7:30). Then finished the run at a moderate pace. 8:20 pace overall on this route is pretty good for me, especially on tired legs.

92.3 Miles (13:19:01)
No strength training

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leeapeea said...

Was great to see you too! Congrats to Max on his finish! Don't let that streak overtake you...
Also, the weight gain... are you getting enough sleep? There are studies (I'm trying to find one in particular that my nutritionalist showed me a few years back)that show if you're not getting enough sleep you produce more stress hormones and your body starts storing fat. Just a thought.