Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First 100 mile week of the year

I didn't write on Sunday this week because I was beat!  Last week was my first time this year that I ran 100 miles in a week.  Actually I ran 100.4 miles in 6 days.  Sort of.  My training log for the week is below but let me explain.  On Saturday I got up early and ran 20 miles on my favorite training area, the power lines.  I like the run because it is the hardest run I can do without traveling.  Here are some pictures from my run that morning.


The run that morning took me 3 hours and 15 minutes.  Last year when I was feeling good I was doing the same run in 2:55 and feeling like I was running easy.  Obviously I'm tired.  After the run I went to work and in the afternoon I went to a nephews bar mitzvah reception where I saw a lot of family.  After we had a few people over the house where I gorged on Chinese take-out and had a few drinks.  Then at 9:22pm I headed out in the rain and ran another 24 miles.  My friend Ron joined me for about 1/2 the miles (I met him at his house a little past 11).  I actually got pretty irritated for much of the time I was running with him.  I was exhausted and it was obvious that it was difficult for him to run that slowly.  I felt like I was running an ultra, I was cranky!  I ran the last three miles alone after Ron left.  I put on my tunes, zoned out and realized that I actually felt pretty good.  When I stopped worrying about my pace and just concentrated on finishing the miles everything got OK again.   I finished at 1:45 in the morning (see, I did do a run on Sunday...).  I set the alarm for 7 so I could get up and go to my first autocross!

Evo power!
I was soo tired that morning but I had an absolute blast running through the cones.   My biggest problem was remembering where the course went.  My Mitsubishi Evo was incredible and everybody at the event was super nice.  I can't wait to go again.

It is getting harder and harder to get my runs in.  This is the part in training that is so critical to success in running 100 mile races, but it is also hard mentally.  I just keep thinking that if I don't do the work, I wont achieve the results that I'm hoping for.  So I keep doing the work.  

One nice thing happened today.  I got an email from an Ultra runner whom I met at a New Balance focus group.  He is training for his first 100, the Vermont 100.  He told me that I need to keep writing my blog because it helps him run when he doesn't want to.   It is so nice getting emails like that because I don't know who is reading my blog.   I hope anybody reading this blog realizes that I need your stories of inspiration to help me too! 

Last weeks training log:

Monday 5/9
8 Miles (1:05:27) Easy roads
Shoes - Altra Instincts
Was pretty stiff at first, but loosened up ok. Ran at a very easy pace. Now running in the afternoon when it is warmer.

Tuesday 5/10
15 Miles (2:07:22) Fartlek Run, snowmobile trails
Shoes - Altra Instincts
Fartlek run. Did 8 miles warmup, then 5 miles of fartleks. 1 min hard then 4 min easy. Felt pretty good today, but started to get tired the last couple miles.

Wednesday 5/11
10.25 Miles (1:25:42) Easy trail run
Shoes - Merrell Trail Gloves
Great run, felt light and fast on my feet

Thursday 5/12
15.1 Miles (2:07:44) Hill Workout - roads and trails
Shoes - Altra Instincts
Ug, so tired tonight. I almost didn't do my hill workout, but saw it through. Did 4.5 miles of warm up then did .5 mile hill intervals (up and down) at St. Pauls on a steep hill.

Friday 5/13
Elliptical - 10 minutes, warmup for workout
Strength training - 45 minutes.  full workout.  Had hard time finishing last set of sit ups.  Need to get back to consistently doing these strength workouts
8 Miles (1:04:43) Roads - easy
Shoes - Hoka Bondi B's
Nice easy run.  75 degrees and sunny.  Felt good.

Saturday 5/14
am. 20 miles (3:15:55) Power lines
Shoes - Altra Instincts
Tough run.  Had no energy, but was able to keep going like the energizer bunny.

Saturday/Sunday 5/15
24.1 Miles (3:46:55) Roads
Shoes - Hoka Bondi B's
Decided to go out at 9:22pm.  Two long runs in one day makes Nate a sleepy boy.  Saw a bear on the dark bike path about three miles into the run.  I had my music on and didn't hear him.  Was about three feet away from him when we both realized each other was there.  He ran up a tree and I almost shit my pants.

100.4 miles
45 min strength
10 min elliptical

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