Sunday, May 8, 2011

Failing with my mission

I really feel like I'm failing with what I intended this blog to be.  When I decided to commit to trying to run a 100 mile race a month for 5 months, rather than just train for one like I have for the past three years, I really got excited about documenting the process of getting ready.  I was hoping that through my blog, and eventually a book, I might be able to inspire somebody to try to take on that big challenge they may have been contemplating. 

I think that it is human nature to be impressed when we hear of somebody doing something big or successful.  We tend to put those people on a pedestal.  What I am hoping to do is illustrate that behind every big accomplishment is a lot of focus, hard work, dedication and belief that the task can be accomplished. 

We listen to beautiful music, but don't see the hours and hours of practice.  We don't hear the endless retakes in the studio until it is just right.   We watch movies with incredible performances, and are unaware of the huge amount of work it takes to make the scene work.  We watch seemingly super human feats of daredevils on snowboards, motocross bikes, etc but don't think about the painful crashes that it takes over and over before they get it right.

Last night I was thinking about how long it has been since I just slept in on a Sunday and rolled out of bed to casually have a cup of coffee and read the paper.  I'm getting more and more tired as the intensity and distance of my workouts increase.  It is these days that I want everybody to see after I have achieved this big goal.   I want everybody to see that when I get up the first few steps are stiff.  My ankle is sore, my knee aches and my hamstrings feel like somebody shortened them by 2 inches as I slept. 

This morning I got up at 5am and was out the door by 6 to run 30 miles of roads.  The thought of failing the run across NH for the third time overcame my weary body.  So I got up and did the work.   And you know what?  There were times today that it hurt. Actually, it hurts all the time, but I work hard on overcoming it because I want that end goal.  When I'm all done with this experiment this summer I don't want anybody to think that I have some special gift for running.  I want them to realize that they can have more out of their life. I want them to realize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

This weeks training recap:

Monday 5/2
30 minutes strength training
8 miles (1:05:27) Easy
Shoes - Altra Instincts
Colorado - Nicer run this morning outside on the paths and trails. Saw tons of deer

Tuesday 5/3
14 miles (1:53:09) Hill Workout
Shoes - Altra Instincts
A little over 3 miles of warmup on the power lines, then 1 mile hill intervals. Did 3 ups and three downs, felt good today. Lots of hunters on the trails.

Wednesday 5/4
8 miles (1:02:45) Easy
Shoes - Altra Instincts
Nice and easy run to try to recover a bit from yesterdays hill workout. Felt excellent, although a little tight in the hammys.

Thursday 5/5
15.25 miles (2:10:49) Hill Workout
Shoes - Altra Instincts
Hard workout. Did a couple of miles of warmup then 1/2 mile hill intervals. Fairly steep powerlines hill with a couple of mudholes in the middle. Did 5 ups and 5 downs (sprinted down at about a 6mm flat pace). All trails today were souply and muddy. Feet were soaked the entire run, which is great training. Felt pretty tired the last couple miles.

Friday 5/6
8 miles (1:11:07) Easy
Shoes - Altra Instincts
Took it nice and easy on the snowmobile trails.

Saturday 5/7
10 miles (1:24:31) Fartlek Speedwork
Shoes - Merrell Trail Glove
Ran on the snowmobile trails. 4 miles at a fairly easy pace then 5 miles of 1min hard then 4 min easy. I felt really good this morning. Light on my feet and strong.

Sunday 5/8
30.1 miles (4:23:12) Easy paved roads
Shoes - Hoka One One
To help get mentally ready and to test shoes on pavement, I ran part of the Run Across NH route. Wanted to try the Hokas for a long run to see how they fit. Not that difficult of a run. Blister on my pinky toe was the only thing that bothered me.  Felt very good the rest of the day.  Doesn't feel like I ran 30 miles.

93.3 miles
30 minutes of strength training

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Aliza Lapierre said...

In my mind you don't fail unless you stop trying. You inspire me and I have enjoyed following your journey thus far.