Monday, May 13, 2013

One week to go! Massanutten 100 training re-cap

Weapon of Choice.

This was my last week of any substantial running before the race.  This week, the week of the race I will only be running 16 miles before I toe the line on Saturday the 18th.  I spent most of this week obsessing about which shoes to wear and how to not gain weight...  Here is what I did for training last week.

Monday - Scheduled day off. 

Tuesday - 10 miles on trails (1:17:58 - 7:48 pace).  3.5 miles warmup, 3 x 1/2m hill repeats (up and down) then 3.5 home at a spirited pace (under 7mm for last mile, easy effort to maintain). Felt really good this morning.  Shoes - La Sportiva Helios

Wednesday - 5.4 miles of trails (47:57 - 8:53 pace).  Ran at the quarries to simulate MMT. Lots of rocks. Actually bruised the bottom of my foot.  I thought I was settled on using the Helios at MMT, now I'm not so sure.  Shoes - La Sportiva Helios

Thursday - 10 miles of trails (1:21:32 - 8:10 pace).  Did HR x 3 at mile 4. Felt a bit sluggish today.  Wore my Hokas because of bruise from yesterday.  Slipped at end of run on log and slammed my arm and hip.  Luckily unhurt.  Shoes - Hoka Bondi B 2

Friday - Scheduled rest day, but I couldn't do it.  Went 6 miles on trails (48:19 - 8:04 pace). Was super excited to try my new Altra Lone Peak 1.5's because they felt so good out of the box.  Loved the shoe and decided that it might possibly be my MMT shoe.   Got an email from Coach Satan about 2 hours after the run telling me "not to be an overachiever" because I had a very long run in the woods of VA in a week.  When he says day off, he means it!!

Saturday - Rest day.  No sir, don't like it at all.

Sunday - 20 miles of trails (3:05:15 - 9:15 pace).  Ran the Powerlines trail.  Was so happy to be able to run.  Coach said "No Hammering!!" so I concentrated on practicing my 100 mile pace/effort.  Even walked a few hills.  Felt really good.  Only ate 1 Lara Bar and about 1/2 bottle of water.  Put the Lone Peak 1.5's through everything I could throw at them.  Only complaint is that they take a long time to dry out.  But all the good (great traction, super good fit. no toe jamming on downhills, great toe cap rock protection) out weigh that concern.  They were soaked the entire 3 hour run as it was a very wet trail.  Love how they feel. 

Summary - 51.4 miles in 7 hours 21 minutes

I was pretty cranky this week and really wanted to run.  As usual, I have put back on a few pounds and it messes with my head.  But, I am as ready as I have ever been and looking forward to rocks, blisters, ticks, 85 degree humid heat and incredible views!!

You can go with this (Helio)

Or you can go with that (Fluid Flex)

You can go with this (Pure Grit)
Or you can go with that (Bondi Speed)
Don't be shocked by the tone of my voice.  Check out my new weapon, weapon of choice (Lone Peak 1.5)

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Steve Pero said...

Yeah, Nate....forget the Montrail Fluid Flex's. I destroyed mine at the Quad Rock 50 last Saturday, plus i was sliding around in them too much.
Good luck, MMT is one of the best races in the country!