Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2 Weeks until Massanutton 100 - Training Re-cap

Yes, we have rocks in NH too!  My favorite power lines trail.

With only 2 weeks to go, I am finally in taper mode.  Usually I get pretty cranky as my body tries to figure out why I'm not running as much.  But this time I seem to be adapting pretty well.  Perhaps because even though I've backed off on the overall volume, I still managed to run 73 miles last week.  Here is how it all broke down.

Monday - Scheduled day off. 

Tuesday - 12 miles on trails (1:43:01 - 8:36 pace).  Very hilly roads and incorporated two 1 mile intervals on the steep power lines trail.  Shoes - Montrail Fluid Flex.

Wednesday - 6 miles of trails (50:50 - 8:29 pace).  Ran the hospital trails on a warm day  Happy with pace. Shoes - New experiement.  New Balance MT110 with Vibram rubber sole that I built.

Thursday - 12 miles of trails (1:35:39 - 7;59 pace).  Pushed it on the hills. Not really an "easy" run, but not quite a "tempo" either. Sort of in between..  Shoes - Exciting new Skechers Prototype

Friday - AM: 3 miles of roads (31:00 -10:00 pace).  Was supposed to be a rest day, did short run with Ron and Meredith.  Shoes - Exciting new Skechers Prototype.
PM: 5 mile walk with Amy on a beautiful day. 

Saturday - 30 miles of hilly trails (4:44:02 - 9:29 pace) Ran the power lines.  Temp was 38 when left in the morning.  Kept all my cold gear on as it warmed up into the 60's to do a little heat training.  Ran at a very easy effort on Coaches instructions.  Felt really good.  Shoes - Montrail Fluid Flex

Sunday - 10 miles of trails (1:41:00 - 10:00 pace).  Ran the West End Farm Trail with Ron at a leisurely pace on a beautiful morning.  Had no soreness or stiffness from previous day.  Quite enjoyable!  Shoes - New Balance MT110 with Vibram sole.

Summary - 73 miles in 11 hours 05 minutes

It was such an enjoyable week pulling the miles back.  I feel like I might be in the best shape of my life right now, so I'm headed into the race feeling confident.  Lets hope that confidence is still there when I'm 18 hours into the race and my feet are beat to a pulp!

Pretty stream that I came across in a new section of the powerlines.


Todd B said...

Oh you can't talk about a shoe you built and not dish.

Anonymous said...

Let's see the NS110's

Nathan Sanel said...

I should be putting a post up soon of the custom 110's!!!

Steve Pero said...

Wore the Montrail Fluid Flex at the Quad Rock 50 this weekend and they didn't perform very well and there's not much of the shoe left ;-)