Monday, November 8, 2010

Mission Accomplished - Manchester Marathon

Yesterday I ran the Manchester City Marathon.  It was the first road marathon I have run since Disney 2008.  I had two goals going into this race.  The first was to get a Boston Qualifying time of under 3:20 and the second was to be in the top 50 finishers. 

I finished with a new PR in 3:15:10 in 31st place.  The race went well, although I still hate running that far and fast on the pavement.  I don't have the time to write out an entire boring race report, but I would like to say thanks to my coach, Jack Pilla, for changing my training in the last 4 weeks to get me ready.  Also to Ron Abramson for being a constant sounding board and driving me to the race.  And of course, as always, my wife Amy and my ever supporting kids for coming to the race, cheering me on, and spoiling me when I got home.

For those of you that are marathon runners and you think running an Ultra would be hard, I have to let you know that I would rather run 50 miles in the woods than run 26.2 of fast pavement.  I feel much better after a 50 than I do after a marathon.  Come on over to the dark side and give it a try!

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sherpajohn said...

I didn't go out all blazing saddles in Manchester but I have to agree about the ultra sentiment. I hurt more now after having run manchester then I have at any other time this year... I'd rather run Barkley!