Sunday, April 14, 2013

Training for a 100 miler training re-cap 6 Weeks to go.

Welcome to my favorite trails!
The beginning of this week marked 6 weeks to go until the Massanutten Mountian 100.  Here is a recap of what I did and how it went.

Monday - Rest Day

Tuesday - 15 miles on trails (1:59:21 - 7:58 pace).  Ran the trails hard. Attacked the hills and ran the last mile in 6:30.  Beautiful weather and ran with just shorts.  No shirt, no water, no food.  Just me and my feet moving quickly over the earth.  This is the type of run that makes me love running.  Shoes - Montrail Fluid Flex

Wednesday - 10 miles of trails and roads (1:19:08 - 7:51 pace).  Took it easy, really felt Tuesdays run in my legs.  Shoes - Montrail Fluid Flex

Thursday - Ran the same 15 mile trail route as Tuesday (2:08:59 - 8:36 pace).  Legs felt completely dead. Shoes - La Sportiva Helios

Friday - 10.1 miles of trails (1:26:01 - 8:31 pace).  Felt ok.  Not great, not terrible.  Shoes - La Sportiva Helios

Saturday - 15 miles (2:19:17 - 9:18 pace) on the West End Farm Trail .  The trails were tough.  Covered with a few inches of snow and slush, with lots of mud underneath.  Every step ended with a slipped toe.  Really hard work.  Even so, I felt strong.  Shoes - La Sportiva Helios

Sunday - 25 miles (3:43:47 - 8:58 pace). Ran the Bow Snowmobile Trails.  First two miles felt terrible.  Tripped somewhere around mile 16 and slammed my elbow into a rock or root.  Wanted to cry because I have bursitis in that elbow and it really hurt!  Decided that I needed to toughen up and suck it up.  I can tell my endurance is getting better as I only got to a certain level of fatigue and then never got worse.  I actually felt better the last 7 or 8 miles.  Surprised at the pace I was able to keep.  Shoes - Montrail Fluid Flex

Summary - 90.2 miles in 12 hours 56 minutes

This was somewhat of a tiny cutback week in terms of sheer mileage.  The next two weeks will be the hardest before I taper back for the race.  The weekend was tough because I went to my nephews wedding on Saturday night.  My brother and sister in law were kind enough to get me and Amy a vegetarian dinner, but it wasn't vegan and the only thing on the table I could eat was the green beans.  Luckily Amy packed me a cooler so I had plenty of food, but I felt like a dipshit sitting at the table with nothing on my plate.  That night people were partying until 2pm slamming doors and being super loud.  I got almost no sleep.  It made it tough to get out the door for today's long run after driving home.  As I sit here typing this, I'm wiped out.

So I made it another week being a Vegan who also doesn't have any alcohol, sugar or wheat.  As much as it is a pain, I am feeling great and starting to lean out.  If I can keep all this up I am confident that I'm going to have a great race at Massanutten! 
One of my favorite spots on the Bow Snowmobile Trails

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Nathan Sanel said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for reading. I will be doing full reviews of both shoes shortly for The short version is:

Helios: Great midfoot fit, excellent traction, good drainage. Not firm, not soft.
Fluid Flex: Excellent cushioning, super nice soft ride, minimal upper that drains incredibly well.