Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Run Across New Hampshire this weekend!!

This weekend I will be finishing the Potentially Painful Summer by running across NH at it's widest point.  The past two times I attempted this run I stopped around the 65 mile mark with a stress fracture one year and bad tendonitis the second.    This year I have decided to change the route to get away from the monotony of Route 9/4.

This years route will encompass many out of the way roads and even runs about 20 miles of the Rockingham Rail trail.  Here is the route.

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I am really psyched for this run.  Not only will it be the conclusion of a rather ambitious running schedule, but for me this new route fits much more along what I had always wanted to do while running across NH.  While the original route is basically highway, this route is mostly back roads and little towns that I am not familiar with.  I always imagined that running across NH would be a journey full of adventure.  Hopefully this route will provide just that.

Anybody who would like to run is welcome to join me.  I am starting at the bridge in Brattleboro at the VT/NH border on route 9 at 5am Saturday morning. Either myself or the crew members (Amy, Josh, Leah and Lonnie) will be updating my whereabouts throughout the day on my twitter account.  I've added twitter updates to the upper right corner of the blog so everybody can follow along to see where I am.

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Laurel said...

Good luck and have fun! It looks like a nice scenic route.